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With Poly® voice and video conferencing tools from Insight, you’ll find space for collaboration anywhere your work takes you.

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Collaboration without limits

Polycom and Plantronics have combined forces as Poly to deliver a full suite of user-friendly solutions that increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

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Poly is a proven leader in providing high-quality Unified Communications (UC) solutions and consulting services.

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Microsoft resources

You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside a team of Microsoft® solution architects and services engineers.

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Customer commitment

Insight and Poly are dedicated to understanding your business needs and creating custom, cost-effective solutions.

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Make working from home work for you

With many employees now faced with working from home, Poly products are set to play a bigger part in business than ever before. Using our headsets and video conferencing cameras will keep communication seamless—make you feel like you’re in the office. And help you stay a part of the conversation. Meaning your business won’t miss a beat.

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Video solutions

Unlock the power of face-to-face collaboration across any distance. Poly videoconferencing solutions let you see every nuance, so you can tackle more projects remotely and reduce operational costs.

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Voice solutions

With better audio quality, you’ll foster deeper connections with teammates and customers. Enterprise-grade, high-definition voice solutions from Poly ensure everyone hears each other clearly, making your calls more efficient and enjoyable.

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Headsets and speakerphones

No matter your work environment or communication style, Poly headsets and speakerphones fuel clear, distraction-free conversations. Plus, management software and supplementary services make it simple to implement, integrate and update your hardware.

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